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SAGE 2020 - Demo October Ordeal

Project Information

October Ordeal is a Halloween-themed Super Mario World ROM-Hack that I have been developing since 2017 on and off. Started out as a 10 level short hack now is currently being expanded into a 40+ level SMW hack that explores various aesthetic environments pertaining to Halloween and general scariness while maintaining a fair, fun challenge.

How to patch .bps files, use this tool -



For updates, check My YouTube, My Dailymotion, and Main archive of my projects.

BTW, if you streamers were provided a zip of the entries from 12 AM on Sept. 4th that contains my hack, I suggest you redownload as I had made adjustments to various levels and misc stuff upon further testing. See Information.txt on the changes that were made.


Major thanks to -
Amine Retro - Void tileset
Alex_X8 - SAGE demo beta-test
aKRoots - SAGE demo beta-test
amhunter - Initial 2017 livestream beta-test, SAGE demo beta-test
BigPotato - Intro Cutscene Sequence, original SAGE 64x64 Logo, more Mask Koopa variants, Cutscene SNES buttons
Blind Devil - Intro submap composition (Many Boos Everywhere) and summit submap composition (Shivering Finale)
brickblock369 - SAGE demo beta-test
Chaoxys - Brunt of the poses of Mario and Luigi's 3/4ths design
Chaser The Ultimate Gamer - Final Fantasy 6 - Dark World port
cheat-master-30 - SAGE demo beta-test
Daizo Dee Von - Original Overworld design
Darkbloom - Dive Into The Mellow SMW arrangement
-DE- - Peach's castle cutscenes, Rest of Village Cutscene 2
Deeke - Cutscene mugshots, Submap designs, script revisions
DonnieTheGuy - Castle of Boo's interior bg
Dustinvgmaster - Original A Ghost Pumpkin Soup port
Eminus - Dry Bones net climbing, Parachute Pumpking Goombas, Scarecrow Chucks, Interior design of Toad houses
EnteiTH (PetoMico) - Mario Bros. graphic contributions
Gaem - Florid Floodway gfx, Mario Bros. graphic contributions, exterior design of Toad houses
GamerInGeorgia - One scene of the ending, MIDI
Genstar - SAGE demo beta-test
Giftshaven - Castlevania Chronicles - Tower of Dolls port
gizmonicgamer - Scene 1 of Village Cutscene 2
HansAgain - SAGE demo beta-test
HelloSammu - SAGE demo beta-test
icegoom - Base SMW Redrawn graphics hack
juniorsword - Hang Castle ports
Kixune - Brunt of tilesets and backgrounds for the game, main overworld design, row parallax asm and custom block help, SAGE demo beta-test
Le Ozza - SAGE demo beta-test
levelengine - Ordeal Abridged livestream test
mack - SAGE demo beta-test
mellonpizza - P-Balloon physics modification
Mikeystar - Mario Bros.'s House graphics, Cutscene sketches
MilkyMooer - Odallus ports, Castlevania The Adventure - Darkness
Moltz (Dakress) - Contributor to the base SMW Redrawn graphics hack, Pirate Dry Bones
Mystical Greninja - Pumpkin Goombas, Boo Coin graphics
NicoBros. - Village Cutscene 1
Neweegee - Original titlescreen, Aquatic Mine tileset, Pumpkin Venus Fire Traps, Mario Bros. graphic contributions, main villain graphic design
Quote - Cutscene sketches
Radio-Mac - SAGE demo beta-test
rockythechao - Base 3/4ths Mario graphic poses
Ruberjig - Cutscene sketches
Sinopolis Mawboi - SAGE demo beta-test
Skewer - Original Underground and Swamp tileset, Underground background, Void background
SonicZetrex - Undead Cheep-Cheeps and Albatosses, endgame cutscenes
soopra - SAGE demo Beta-testing
Tamaki - SMW instrumention version of Odallus - The Dark Forest Area 1, Voyage of Promise and Castle 6 - Sky Palace
TheMorganah - Cutscene sketches, SAGE demo beta-test
ToonyRab - Cutscene sketches
Torchkas - A Ghost Pumpkin Soup port
Von Fahrenheit - Chasing Hammer Brother
Zircon - SAGE demo beta-test
Zuccati - SAGE demo beta-test

Latest reviews

I'm'a leave these here, as a way of clarifying my active thoughts. Overall, I was impressed~ The levels are laid out well and have enough of a challenge to inspire you to keep going, but not so much its kaizo... with a few exceptions.

-I'm sure it's unintentional, since you've been good about fixing potential softlocks, but the cave has an especially glaring one. You get two shells, sure, but if both get off-screened and you get hit, which is really easy to do, you can get stuck in the first lower area and have to die to return to the start of the stage. I get the challenge, that being holding your powerup so you can get past the first main hurdle, but this softlock made me quit the stage in annoyance.

-You are a devil for throwing in a Big Bertha on the swamp level, and I respect that~

-The hardest stage i the demo has a few windows that are incredibly tight to reach, even if you know that you can hasten the P-Balloon travel speed with the run button, something I personally didn't know until here. That could easily be my fault, though, as I grew up with the GBA Mario World and not SNES(and heck, many of the issues I have really amount to 'I've played Mario World, just not the SNES original'), but maybe a hint block to mention it, just in case, would do wonders~

And in case you like watching me suffer.... I did play it as my Halloween 2020 stream~ Here are the relevant saved bits of the VOD~


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