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October Ordeal is a Halloween-themed Super Mario World ROM-Hack that I have been developing since 2017 on and off. Started out as a 10 level short hack now is currently being expanded into a 40+ level SMW hack that explores various aesthetic environments pertaining to Halloween and general scariness while maintaining a fair, fun challenge.

How to patch .bps files, use this tool -



For updates, check My YouTube, My Dailymotion, and Main archive of my projects.

BTW, if you streamers were provided a zip of the entries from 12 AM on Sept. 4th that contains my hack, I suggest you redownload as I had made adjustments to various levels and misc stuff upon further testing. See Information.txt on the changes that were made.


Major thanks to -
Amine Retro - Void tileset
Alex_X8 - SAGE demo beta-test
aKRoots - SAGE demo beta-test
amhunter - Initial 2017 livestream beta-test, SAGE demo beta-test
BigPotato - Intro Cutscene Sequence, original SAGE 64x64 Logo, more Mask Koopa variants, Cutscene SNES buttons
Blind Devil - Intro submap composition (Many Boos Everywhere) and summit submap composition (Shivering Finale)
brickblock369 - SAGE demo beta-test
Chaoxys - Brunt of the poses of Mario and Luigi's 3/4ths design
Chaser The Ultimate Gamer - Final Fantasy 6 - Dark World port
cheat-master-30 - SAGE demo beta-test
Daizo Dee Von - Original Overworld design
Darkbloom - Dive Into The Mellow SMW arrangement
-DE- - Peach's castle cutscenes, Rest of Village Cutscene 2
Deeke - Cutscene mugshots, Submap designs, script revisions
DonnieTheGuy - Castle of Boo's interior bg
Dustinvgmaster - Original A Ghost Pumpkin Soup port
Eminus - Dry Bones net climbing, Parachute Pumpking Goombas, Scarecrow Chucks, Interior design of Toad houses
EnteiTH (PetoMico) - Mario Bros. graphic contributions
Gaem - Florid Floodway gfx, Mario Bros. graphic contributions, exterior design of Toad houses
GamerInGeorgia - One scene of the ending, MIDI
Genstar - SAGE demo beta-test
Giftshaven - Castlevania Chronicles - Tower of Dolls port
gizmonicgamer - Scene 1 of Village Cutscene 2
HansAgain - SAGE demo beta-test
HelloSammu - SAGE demo beta-test
icegoom - Base SMW Redrawn graphics hack
juniorsword - Hang Castle ports
Kixune - Brunt of tilesets and backgrounds for the game, main overworld design, row parallax asm and custom block help, SAGE demo beta-test
Le Ozza - SAGE demo beta-test
levelengine - Ordeal Abridged livestream test
mack - SAGE demo beta-test
mellonpizza - P-Balloon physics modification
Mikeystar - Mario Bros.'s House graphics, Cutscene sketches
MilkyMooer - Odallus ports, Castlevania The Adventure - Darkness
Moltz (Dakress) - Contributor to the base SMW Redrawn graphics hack, Pirate Dry Bones
Mystical Greninja - Pumpkin Goombas, Boo Coin graphics
NicoBros. - Village Cutscene 1
Neweegee - Original titlescreen, Aquatic Mine tileset, Pumpkin Venus Fire Traps, Mario Bros. graphic contributions, main villain graphic design
Quote - Cutscene sketches
Radio-Mac - SAGE demo beta-test
rockythechao - Base 3/4ths Mario graphic poses
Ruberjig - Cutscene sketches
Sinopolis Mawboi - SAGE demo beta-test
Skewer - Original Underground and Swamp tileset, Underground background, Void background
SonicZetrex - Undead Cheep-Cheeps and Albatosses, endgame cutscenes
soopra - SAGE demo Beta-testing
Tamaki - SMW instrumention version of Odallus - The Dark Forest Area 1, Voyage of Promise and Castle 6 - Sky Palace
TheMorganah - Cutscene sketches, SAGE demo beta-test
ToonyRab - Cutscene sketches
Torchkas - A Ghost Pumpkin Soup port
Von Fahrenheit - Chasing Hammer Brother
Zircon - SAGE demo beta-test
Zuccati - SAGE demo beta-test


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