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SAGE 2022 - Demo MegaMan Power Adventure

This is not a bad little game, I did find it a bit enjoyable... if a bit wonky.

Sure, the sprite quality is not the best, and the cutscenes and the grammar needs some work, but the gameplay is decent and the character quantity is quite good, not to mention I do appreciate there are obscure characters and characters from other media, it shows that you care about the canon of the series and know one or two things about it... at least it's better than Mega Man: War of the Past lmao.
Bonus point for also crediting the creators of the other sprites.

Only things that I don't like is the music, that is not very consistent, I would rather if every of the music was from the complete works and power fighters, and also the fact that some of the backgrounds are jarring because they come from the X series.

Also let me pause and read dialog at will instead of passing it through, because otherwise I can't read it, and on that note, I would rather if the characters moves were put on the pause menu... or at least on a pdf so, again, I can read it whenever I want instead of waiting for the loading screen of my character.

Also there's a bug on the Bubble Man stage where the ground blinks in and out, so check out that one.

Nevertheless, I think the overall game and its story is not bad, it was very enjoyable and the fact your small team did this is cohesive, decent game is commendable, good job.