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Lumiva Legacy (SAGE 2018)

I have to admit I was always skeptical of this game because of Bingo's design, but I was surprised at how good the game played.
The sprites are really pretty and the game runs very well. The gameplay seems polished enough that I didn't find any quirks or bugs. The music and sound effects are good as well, specially underwater.
I'd say I think Bingo still lacks some attacks. His kick is still a bit hard to time to hit moving enemies on the ground. I did manage to time it better over time, but it was still not very reliable, perhaps because it's too slow or too short.
It does seem like the game has a focus on speedrunning, because I'm not a very good speedrunner but I managed to speedrun and react quickly to some sections of it.
I'd recommend this to Freedom Planet fans anytime, and I'd like to buy it one day.

The game Bingo the Multiva has finally become better and that may be because it's sprites are smaller and the fact the character design looks way better. However there is a few flaws from making me give this a 5 star ranking. The Enemy placement could be better but everything else is just better! Keep on improving this! Love this years Demo!
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