Knuckles The Echidna: Burrow Trouble Demo 2018

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This game proposes a solo Knuckles game. The intention is to bring out some of the character's elements and personality traits and incorporate them better to suit the solo campaign, through story or gameplay. Knuckles is now able to punch enemies, but it doesn't seem very effective...however now, just like Sonic, Knuckles has different abilities depending on his shields.
Other elements that will be worked on more in the future are treasures, interactive treasures and other objects, such as riding vehicles.
There is a plan to bring new story elements and characters, as well as stages. At the moment, Knuckles's Adventure starts at Mushroom Hill, and that's all to show for now.

Updated as of 25/08 for some bug fixes and prompt inclusions that were brought to my attention watching some streams. My original plan was to have the game teach players through level design, but it should be more inclusive like this, and it's still not as obvious as I'd dislike, so I hope it's a positive change.

Screenshots and media!

Hm...There's gotta be something I can do...



Looks like I'm "grounded" hahahaha...get it?

Okay, now this is epic.

Hei, Hou, let's go!

Bonus Content

"Angel Island and Knuckles's existances are threatened when a new foe arrives at Mushroom Hill, command Eggman's badniks!
Explore a new Island in this Adventure, as well as Knuckles's new shield powers!
Fire: Control Knuckles's physical prowesses and fiery punches!
Magnetic: Land without worrying about getting up and losing speed!
Bubble: Be able to control your height and regain your glide after already doing it once! Just don't touch any bad guys!"

That would be the idea, putting it silly. The new character that is still being worked on is a mole, and the story centers around his likeness with Knuckles's story, as well as what his real motivations are. Of course, there's only half a stage yet, which is Mushroom Hill, and the project is very green. The idea would be that the Adventure starts there and then proceeds to new locations.


N.S.S. Sonic Worlds: Damizean, MCKaosu, LarkSS, Techokami, Sparks, Mr. Potatobadger, Ice God 64, Lange, LakeFeperd and all Contributors who might not have been mentioned
LarkSS: Corkscrew, Mushroom Lever and Swing Pole gimmicks
Damizean and DW: Screw and Nut
Zenor: Collapsing Platforms
Techokami: Switch Controlled Doors
LakeFeperd: Did a great part of the Dragonfly badnik code whilst trying to teach me

Game By: Gui Motta
Sprites: ZekeZurita, Roxy Doodlebug, Gui Motta
Help and Support, Small Contributions: Hedge Land, Roxy Doodlebug, Ice, Lighto, Rifty, ZekeZurita and don't get hurt if you're not here!

I apologize if I failed to mention someone or something.

Latest reviews

The idea is sound: Create a classic Sonic game based around the unique and interesting mechanics of Knuckles.

Unfortunately, I found Knuckles actually played pretty awkwardly in a game designed around him. Many ledges had little outcroppings, preventing Knuckles from climbing past. Most of his punching attacks were awkward to use, and usually led to damaging yourself when a simple jump worked better. There's also a sequence at the end of the stage with a huge vertical raise, and if you glided over the armor initially, you could spend quite a while climbing up just to find that one of those tiny lips is keeping you from getting up. So you drop down, get in the axe armor (cool idea), then just... fly up and beat the stage. You don't use the axe for anything? Hopefully that's just a "for the demo" element.

I like the idea of this game, but Knuckles needs to feel more natural in the environment he's in, instead of fighting it.

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Probably one of my favorite entries this SAGE, since it stays with classic formula but adds more to it, such as those treasures and riding the miniboss from Mushroom Hill. I just wish there was more to this game, specially in the section where you ride the miniboss, could also be interesting to see some original stages.
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I love how in the beginning the game gives you the option to either go through Sonic's path or through Knuckles, not that it matters much since they end up connecting later on but still a very neat and cool touch I really liked. Aside from a few bugs, I must say this was really well done, I'm impressed honestly.
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Definitely very short, but I love the idea of a classic Knuckles game with a greater emphasis on exploration.

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