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JohnGagzProject(New Title: JohnGagz)

Even though I haven't played this game yet, I saw one video of a person reviewing it and you know what? Your game is fine, despite nearly everything looking Greeny Phatom-ish. The physics are pretty good, apart from when you jump sometimes, the animation abruptly changes.

Overall, this is a pretty much desired game, and I hope you put more effort into it soon.
Better than Chaos, better than Flashback, better than Petit Hedgehog, JohnGagzProject sets the standard for what SAGE projects should strive to be. It brilliantly illustrates the tragic epic of JohnGagz and his quest, with stunning visuals made to resemble early MS PAINT creations.

In short, I didn't actually play the game, but I gave it 1.5 hats out of 5 hats to keep it real.