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One day, summoning magic was discovered in the Mushroom Kingdom, and with that, the ability to summon those from other worlds is now possible. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse! The magic goes out of control, and all the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom start reincarnating into random anime characters! It is now up to Mario to learn how to use this summoning magic himself, and bring things under control!

Play as your favorite anime characters in this 3D Mario fangame!

Summon up to 150 different anime characters, and play as them!

Collect over 100 power stars across 4 different scenarios!
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Hoo boy, this again. I was morbidly curious about this game when it was called Super Crown Land last year, and... well, it was something. I'm going to probably post a similarly long review for it, so be ready for a long post. TL;DR, though, I like this far more than Super Crown Land.

Story/Writing: Significant improvement over Super Crown Land in terms of the writing. The stages still have a storyline to them of sorts, but the writing is far less repetitive.

So what is the story? An accident with summoning magic has caused all the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom to be reincarnated as other characters, but they still stay in the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, you need to figure out how to save them all. Pretty simple, and I won't blame them. It's certainly a more interesting premise than Super Crown Land.

The writing feels a bit too "LOOK AT US WE'RE ANIME," but there are points where it can be good. For example, there's a parking lot full of trucks as one level, and it's explained that all the trucks were part of a new business. Anime fans who are into isekai call the company, and drivers hit them with trucks. But nobody wants to get killed in order to reincarnate in another world, so the business failed. This gave me a laugh.

Visuals: It's been a few days since I tried this, so I'm not sure if this game has as much content from other sources as SCL did. The lighting engine is still rather nice, except for the issue of landing shadows. You *need* to have the shadows directly below the objects, or else platforming gets incredibly hard.

With the new storyline, the anime character models such as Naruto, Neptune, and Rem are a bit more fitting.

Gameplay: This game plays like a hybrid of Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario 3D World, and Bowser's Fury. You run, jump, stomp enemies, etc. Mario feels far more fun to control than Bowsette did in SCL, but there are a few gripes I had with the controls. I would have liked a dive/roll ability like in 3D World and Odyssey, but otherwise, it worked. The game also adds the propeller box item, though it lacks the slow descent from 3D World. I haven't tried any of the anime characters yet, but once I do, I'll update this with their gameplay style.

So... the level progression. Each level has six Stars to find. When you find a Star, you don't go back to the castle, and can continue exploring. Once you find five, the "Level Clear Star" appears, allowing you to leave the level. I love this method of progression.

Oh yeah, I should mention one of the more interesting parts of the game. Basically, there's a level system, and you get EXP by doing daily missions and finding Stars. Your levels are shared between the game's multiple campaigns, as well as your coin count. You can use your coins in a gacha machine to get new characters, and the amount needed decreases with each level. Yes, this is a fangame with gacha mechanics. While gacha is not particularly a good thing in games, the fact that you can get pulls so easily incentivizes playing more.

I need to give props to the devs, though; there's currently 80 stars in the main campaign, with 120 planned! Matching the amount in the official games is no small feat. And let's not forget the extra campaigns, either. This is a surprisingly lengthy fangame.

In conclusion: I like this a lot more than Super Crown Land. A good amount of the issues SCL had were fixed. The one thing I've seen so far that needs to be fixed is the way shadows work. I'll be updating this later, after I play a bit more of it, but so far, I like it. Props to you, Hello Fangaming.

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