This mod aims to improve/fix some stuff in the UI/Display, for example:

-The game is now refered as "Sonic Mania Plus" in the title cards/MSZ Ending (plus Knuckles' shoe color was fixed)/Credits logo
-Mighty and Ray's BG in the level select's sound test icons now match their signpost colors
-AIZ Encore partner select now uses continue icons for all characters
-The act numbers on the results screen when playing in Encore Mode now has a blue border instead of an orange one
-Fixed a lot of stuff related to the UI (text border colors for some languages, zone select alligment, etc)
-Egg Reviere now has it's own level select icon instead of reusing S2's Death Egg one

SuperSonic16: Made EncoreHUD.dll
mr. cat and jubbalub: Made the Egg Reverie level select icon
Notakin: Made the improved Mighty and Ray icons mod
DOA687: Made the original sprites


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