SAGE 2020 - Demo Delta-Gal

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I never played Mega Man Legends before, but I will say that this was a fun time! You get used to the controls very quickly, combat is fun, levels are very nicely designed. Really amazing overall, can't wait to see what the future has in store for this.
Good gameplay, mechanics and level design
PS1 Graphics, Megaman styled mechanics [from megaman X AND legends] and a world that captures that people are living in. Delta-gal is a fun platformer shooter that Megaman Legends fans such as myself have been craving for decades now. There isn't pressure for exploration or forced tutorials which is refreshing. Certainly a game worthwhile to play.


I played this on my stream!

I've never seen someone capture the aesthetic of Mega Man Legends (Rockman Dash!!) so faithfully. I got stuck in the cave, but that's prolly on me for not having read the directions. The humor made me laugh out loud.
Surprisingly difficult and surprisingly nice to look at! It's great to see a 3D game with actual interesting enemy designs and level obstacles. It took me a little longer to admit to figure out the gimmick of the mechanical area—most of the walls and doors looked the same, so it was hard to notice I kept coming back to the same hallway—but all the stuff I encountered along the way was enjoyable. I probably only used about half the controls, because I didn't read the instructions, but the ones I did know about were enough to see me through the demo. Nice work so far!

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