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Dash Cats Demo 3

This game isn't perfect by any means, but I love it, love it, love it. I love the protagonist's big, square eyes, I love the smooth (albeit floaty) controls, I love the warm colors and the natural-feeling level design, I love punting enemies across the screen with a driver, and I love the chipper, cute music.

I got lost in stage 2 where I didn't realize you had to transition to another "layer" of the level, though. That confused me. The club swing's super armor is also a little broken. I'm sure it's not a viable speedrun tactic, but it can just be spammed at all times to make you invincible.Some of the sprites look like they're from earlier in development, but they weren't too distracting.

Either way, this game's adorable. I'm hoping we see more of it, soon!
So clearly Sonic-inspired, but not a direct mechanics lift. I can get behind that. Honestly, I did enjoy this far more than I expected, but it took an embarrassingly long time for me to actually find the "Dash" button. The thing the game is named after. It sounds like you couldn't make a lot of progress since your last demo; it seems like you're at a point where you should focus on building out levels, the mechanics are basically already solid. Might want to retouch a few of the main character sprites as well, as the standing and walking are a bit stiff. (But most of the rest seem fine.)

This game has been in sage for 3 years in a row! And this little progress has been made? Except for that I think this game needs a better direction of what it wanna do and where it wanna go. The character sprites is alright to ok. The gameplay is good would just fix a few bugs and maybe have more levels? The level design very decent! I wanna see an big improvement and hope for the best!
I really liked this game, and I want to see more of it. That said, here are a few Negatives:
  • Xinput is kinda jank. For whatever reason the attacks are mapped to the dpad while movement is on the analog stick. Pls fix
  • There isn't a way to restore health other than straight up dying, at least as far as I got. I could very well be wrong, but it was still kinda frustrating.
  • The writing is hilarious
  • The art style is solid and consistent. Some might not like it, but personally I think it's extremely charming.
  • The music is AWESOME.
  • Varied enemy types? Yes please!
  • Level design is interesting and fun to explore.
If I could rate this a 4.5 stars, I would. Fix those two issues and this would've been one of my favorite games this SAGE. Regardless, when the final game comes out I will happily buy this game on Steam.
the game has fantastic music!
i really like the art

and the bad guys... well... why do everything gotta scream at me so aggressively? D:

racoon: :>

me: awww he looks adorable

racoon: *Flips out for no particular reason* "SCREEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

me: *panics*

there's this cute cat.. thing?
me: *not paying attention to where im going*

me: !?!??!?!?!? D:

angry thing: *stops and watches*

me: ..... ???

angry thing: .....

me: *edges closer*

angry thing: .... >:l

me: *gets too close*

*hissing intensifies*

and then there's this M.... mean old chicken..

this guy was my 1st death. didn't think this would happen.

i had a lot of fun c: