Core is a open-source Sonic engine created by myself in association with Tyson Tay, Lighto, Ainand, YohananDiamond, Chopp, Yonatankr, Dark, Carlos Ushiromiya, Dolphman, Yolkin, Troopsushi, Jeloboi, Joshyflip and Nuclear. Some sources were used as a reference to do the physics, such as OpenMania and Sonic Physics Guide. The engine was built from the Sonic Worlds base, but it's entire core has been radically modified to offer infinitely greater precision, making Core a unique, cohesive and solid experience for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 PLUS.


The base 360 Platform Movement and physics is already finished, but there is always room to add something more in future releases - if necessary. The codes were built to be more economical, saving performance and making it easier for users to understand. An extensive internal documentation was been written, including used qualifier and mathematical formulas.

Talking about the base, we keep some things from the original base, such as some parts of the movement routine and the actions system using group activation/deactivation, but everything with some rewritting and/or improvements (e.g. the actions which were all rewritten, keeping only the way they are activated and deactivated).

Other important parts like rings, camera, sensors, physics, collision, landing and angle detection, have been completely different. It has support for SDL Joystick, volume control, display options, save system, smooth rotation and classic rotation. It also contains alot of gimmicks, items and features to you build your fangame with the most higher standards.

We've added a gumball machine bonus stage and a unfinished Blue Spheres example created by Yonatankr. Some things that naturally worked great were ported from Sonic Worlds Delta, like the parallax system, tunnels, screw, corkscrew and breakable floor in with slight adaptations, but everything else was rewritten by team members.




Download new verison here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ej6hp1ge83hud7t/AABbL2XiLCtAg4HV0wR70EV8a?


Core RC 0.9.4 - Changelog

- All the shaders was been removed.
- Added fireball thrower gimmick.
- X axis control was been redone.
- All the characters animations was been redone.
- Added Camera Lag to Fire Shield.
- Replaced ini by array.
- Redone loading screen from scratch.
- Improved the entire water code.
- Physics now use accurate values.
- Gumball Machine bonus was been implemented.
- A brand new transition between acts system was been included.
- Renamed Alterable Values to facilitate the understanding of the average user.
- Unified looking up, crouch down and skidding animations for the same ID (e.g. looking up and looking up reverse now use the same ID).
- Angle Calculator was been removed. Now the angle changes directly in the events responsible for angle detection.
- Added 2 new camera modes: 3 (Death) and 4 (Act 2 transition).
- Fixed Control Lock
- Skidding, Ray's glide and Tails flying was been improved.
- Fixed balancing animations.
- Breakable Walls now seems accurate.
- Now animation and player angle will always be "0" when on the air like it was supposed to be. This fix weird bugs, like, if you suffered damage while walking in a slope, the knockout or death animation showed the angle changing for a few seconds. And when you were thrown down the ramps or diagonal springs in a slope, the same thing happened. All of this has been fixed.
- Fixed ceiling land bug.
- Added GHZ collapsing floor created by Dark.
- Implemented a all new Genesis fade.
- Now the breakable blocks can be destroyed from below during springs action (like Mania).
- Fixed a bug on top collision.
- Implemented a new variable on PlayerMovementValues2 called StoreXSpeed, like the name suggests it only store the current XSpeed of the character when on the ground. This is used to make Chopp's animation works correctly. I mean, according with SPG animation speed should be the same in case of the player is rolling and swap to air state.
- Removed alot of UNUSED values.
- Now Mighty can deflect bullets from the enemies during spindash action.
- LifeGain was moved to a global value. We have now a life gain value for lives obtained by collecting rings and another one for lives obtained by reaching 50,00 points like Genesis games.
- Now the player can receive 1 extra life if it reaches 50,000 points (I've used Chopps system as a base to do this one).
- Now the user can set the number of rings to receive a extra life. The same for score.
- Insta-Shield from Sonic 3 is back and now it deflect bullets too!
- Fixed a small issue on Combine Rings collision.
- Fixed lava gimmick.
- Redone Debug Mode.
- Redone Air Roll.
- Redone Top Collision.
- Fixed shield trigger for gimmicks (flippers, bounce floor, oil pools, oil falls and bumpers).
- Fixed Tail's animations.
- Removed the functions of JumpVariable related to shields. Now it is used ONLY to stop jump in the air. If you want to cancel the stop jump in the air simply set the JumpVariable to -1.
- Implemented a all new code for Shields. Now we use a value called ShieldLimit to perform the special skills.
- Redone X/Y Movement.
- Added vertical tunnels.
- Improved Game Over/Time Over.
- Removed Death Layer object. It was replaced by a variable instead.
- Improved landing and fixed Hammer Drop landing.
- Fling Ramps, Moving Spikes and Vaporwave Mode was been redone.
- Fang/Nack easter egg was been added.
- Implemented a new animation system for goal sign.
- The waterfall sound effect have a more smooth sound effect that obey the volume options and the music loop.
- Now skidding use the same physics of X Control group and the original skidding code was been redone.
- Added our own SDL input code made from scratch.
- Fixed boss bugs related to pause.
- Now pause is significantly faster.
- Spining speed is now based of the physic guide animation system (or HedgeSpin)
- Edits to badniks (Newtron and Buzzbomber) and HPZ/SSZ teleporter.
- Fixed drowning for what seems like the 10th time, redone bubble numbers.
- Fade has been fixed, fade in happens after a 1up only now.
- Now the code was ported to global events. Due to this change, this version are not recommended for non-Plus Fusion users or low-end PC users.
- Redone entire sensors code, making this version uncompatible with any previous version.
- The titlecard code was improved by Dark with some adjustments of YohananDiamond.
- Updated the collision method of the combine rings.
- Redone Warp Ring.
- Sky Sactuary Teleporter and Hang Lift was been added. We don't use exactly the same method as Worlds, so it's a redone from scratch.
- Amy Rose was been added.
- Added a brand new scale effect and optimizations for P3D spike ball.



Main Programming

Nihil, Yonatankr, Lighto and Chopp.

Programming Assistence
Ainand, YohananDiamond, Carlos Ushiromiya and Dark.

Level Design
Ainand, Chopp and Nihil.

Additional Sprites
Tyson Tay, Troopsushi, Jeloboi, Ainand, Dolphman, Joshyflip, Dark and Yolkin.

Beta Testing
Nihil, Ainand, Yolkin, Lighto, John-Kun and Lilac.

Special Thanks
Ice, SpookyGuga, Taco Bell, Israel, Flame the Maniaac and HezMania.

Sonic Worlds Content
Damizean, LarkSS, DimensionWarped and Techokami.

Latest reviews

Pros: it's everything anyone could ever need for sonic game creation!!
Cons: not much, it's just that why would you take down the old link to core+ because of working on a new update instead of leaving it then releasing the new update???
just amazing. three words: get, this, now.
jdohsjoisjh me too cuz i need a NEWER version but clickteam fusion 2.5 is a new version
You need the 2.5+ DLC which is $60 right now. I have the Steam version of Clickteam, so I'm waiting until the next Steam Sale to get it cheaper.


Hi. I loved your engine, but I can't seem to control the game with my keyboard. The direction keys do not work, there is no jump button. But I can do some strange things with some keys, for example, "X" ends the special stage, "3" gives the player 50 rings, "2" increases lifes, "4" changes status of the shields etc. What do you think it could be? Please answer, I'm eager to start my creations in your engine.
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Hi. I loved your engine, but I can't seem to control the game with my keyboard. The direction keys do not work, there is no jump button. But I can do some strange things with some keys, for example, "V" ends the special stage, "3" gives the player 50 rings, "2" increases lifes, "4" changes status of the shields etc. What do you think it could be? Please answer, I'm eager to start my creations in your engine.
I just tried with joysticks as well, one XBOX360 Joystick and one generic Dualshock 2. Neither worked. The screen says "press any key", but none key works.
Well, after examining your programming, I found out that every single key that works for me is "hardcoded" in the basic keyboard object, with no interference of the new joystick (SDL) and keyboard extensions. Maybe it is my Fusion Developer 2.5 that is having conflict with them? Maybe I need a more current version of the software? I don't know. I won't give up yet. EDIT: I don't know how, but it started working with Xbox360 joystick (0.11.5). So nevermind about me. I'm hella fine now.
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Is the Discord server still up? The link doesn't seem to work. Maybe I could get some help there. (Sorry to flood the topic, I swear it's the last message.)
Hello to all the team. thank you for the work you have done. Can we track and add to your Core Engine software with your collaboration?
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Tried to open the most recent version and I get this notice (see attachment). I have Clickteam Fusion Developer 2.5 (got it from a Humble Bundle sale) and this crap is in the way. Plus when I DID load a version that works (or load the executable) I get very little sound despite the music existing.

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