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Battle Craze!! (SAGE 2021 Demo)

unexpected pleasure to find this game and enjoy it!

-mugen but it isn't a crap mugen with cgi and loud noises
-okay voice acting is pretty cool!
-everyone has surprising personallity
-there's an evil palette with unique voice and entrance animations? yes please
-all 3 [4 including that dark palette?] forms of sherm are really funny
-evil sherm quotes will go down in history as best quotes
-I thought not everyone has voice actors but most say something when taking damage or dead. [maybe some could talk more?]
-please if you crossover with any fighting game, put sherm in it

-most qcf x2 + k moves seems to be mostly attack barrage then big hit
-isabella's animations turn into ikue. i assume its a placeholder [I played first build posted on SFGHQ]
-the tag button mechanic isn't explained very well. like maybe put in a tutorial video with basic mechanics similar to how smash bros do their tutorial vids. Best to do this instead of hiding it in a .readme folder or hidden in command list
-in Character select screen, please change tag and turns icons to a more visible colour

I'm starting a campaign called 'sherm will squirm' where sherm is wanted for several degrees of stealing cokeacola from everyone's fridges

you can use that idea if you need one for story mode. :)

I would love to play this again with a story mode that focuses on one main fighter or all fighters in one big story, like sonic adventure or mortal kombat.

Best of luck for future development!