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Another Sonic 2 Remake (2021 version)

The graphics are not great, being inconsistent (example: Underground Zone's spikes compared to Sonic, and Sonic's sprites in general.) and just too blurry looking. Games like Earthworm Jim or Aladdin at least polished up the sprites a bit to look better and not have white dots everywhere like here. The scaling of assets can be inconsistent too. The music remixes doesn't really fit the levels as they're too energetic or so for them, however the game plays very well. The fact it runs at 30 FPS often is odd as a 3D game like TF2 would also run at around 30 FPS on this laptop. Ultimately, it's a good fangame with poor hand-drawn graphics and odd choices of music. Mega-Drive style renditions of the S2 8-Bit music would have worked far better here.
bro i know it was 2 yrs ago you said this. but hes trying his best. you should be ashamed!
This was incredibly fun. Great level design. The overall visual style is good, but Sonic's sprite needs some work so he looks more consistent when he moves. The overall experience is still great, though.
I love this so much.
i'm looking forward to more of this :D
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