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A New Spark

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A New Spark is a Sonic Fan Game taking inspiration from titles such as Sonic 2006.
It uses the Sonic Worlds Engine.

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Got bored of Original Games so I'm moving on to the Fan Games. Sage may be over but my reviews still aren't.
So now, to kick things off we have this game, A New Spark.

I couldn't complete this due to how hard it was to see what was up ahead, especially the auto-running part. This game has potential but still needs a lot more polish if it wants to succeed. I do sorta like this concept though, it's a mix of modern plus classic sonic elements. You have something going right here, but again, it needs polish.
sonic manic 23
eu não sei onde e o começo


I do like the fact that you have lots of controls and moves to work with, definitely gives me 2008 fangame vibes for sure. The controls are great, gamepad support is perfect as well! I do have 3 issues with this game. The game is somewhat empty, I can only find about 6 rings in the first act, moving the movable block to the right makes the segment impossible to get through and the second act is too tedious to play.
control note pls on zip i really dunno how to start i aleardy press enter but it doesn't work pls tell me or fix dude
There is supposed to be a control configuration screen upon first startup. Try deleting all files in "ANewSpark Build 6\Data\Profiles\".
also can i help with the fangame? for at least some sprites like lining everything up, oh and also how did you change the hud
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