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New Showcase Comments

  1. KatieFAX64
    I love this game but one big thing, This is going to be funny to say but Somari is not Mario, I would really like if you added Somari to game, he would be like Classic Sonic but without a drop dash and with something-else that I can think of atm....
  2. Alongcame Adrian
  3. Max_The_Hedgehog
    Hello! The Game is seem to be Amazing, i like speciually some secret levels hiden in like..nowhere :emoji_laughing: and so..It's cool and it's very fun to play with his friends with some Differents characters for maybe some new strategies like...
  4. Gustavo
    Can You Send To Me All Characters Sprites Except Modern Sonic?
  5. Gustavo
    Can You Send To Me The Modern Sonic Sprites Please?
  6. RubikDash
    I love this game a lot! One question: In the Unity Input Manager what do I change for camera controls?
  7. Jhynjhiruu
    [IMG] Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but there's straight up missing terrain in some parts of the map, including here by the exit of one of the tube thingies and also just above a set of sideways spikes somewhere in the first level.
  8. arthur
  9. TheTrueJamiele
    I'm stuck on this "NO WAY! NO WAY?" screen. Please tell me what to do!
  10. GuilhermeBMotta
    Also, seeing as you're using Fusion I recommend trying out the extension Ultimate Fullscreen as it's much better than the default. I don't know whether Space Kahuna or this is the most recent, but GMStudio is much better choice than Fusion.
      Jerry McClellan likes this.
  11. Inappropriate sonic man
  12. GuilhermeBMotta
    A tip for this kind of thing, and take this to heart for Sonic level design. Always have the player slowdown by maybe hitting a wall, a slope and such before peril (enemies, pits, spikes, etc) Aaand it reset after I Ctrl Shift C to use...
  13. Zeki-Blue
  14. Sslaxx
    I like the touch with the pinch music for the zone boss, very nice.
  15. Antonio Marcos Barbosa
    can i play the game with my PS3 controler
  16. Antonio Marcos Barbosa
    im new here on SAGE and i dont know how to download a game here
  17. Inappropriate sonic man
    this is a bad mod because when i try to press any key it wont work like when i press A nothing happens also i cant use arrow keys to choose a character this fangame is really bad please cancell this mode
  18. Andrrey16
    This Fangame is a Reboot of the Forgotten Sonic Generations 2D game?
  19. Sr101
    *Version 2 now available!* I touched up the hit detection. I'll be taking a look at smoothing out the screen and touching on some of the other issues in the future! Thanks everyone!