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New Showcase Reviews

  1. Death_ColdUA
    "Not bad for a start"
    Well, i'm glad that finally someone are trying to port Sonic Advance from Game Boy Advance to PC and make it look and play better. Demo looks good, but i have a problem with it. For some reason, when i change the size of game's window, it... View Full Review
  2. Hiroshi Eijirou
  3. Hiroshi Eijirou
  4. Kentman
    "Great job guys , can't wait to play the full game"
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  5. Spawnjos
    The best 3d Game of Sonic that ever has been created. View Full Review
  6. Junior
  7. GuilhermeBMotta
    "It has a lot going for it, but can improve"
    Just like Space Kahuna, this game has good graphics, except it's not all 8 bit pixel art here, and it still looks good. The player controls well, if feels a bit like Alex Kidd, but collision and getting hit by some enemies and projectiles... View Full Review
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  8. GuilhermeBMotta
    The art is great, the game has good playability, I do miss controller support for this kind of game, but it was bearable. I did have some difficulty with the gameplay and I think it can be improved massively still, it could be because I'm really... View Full Review
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  9. GuilhermeBMotta
    "Great hack!"
    It's fantastic. I really like the use of Sonic 4 themes in it. The game delivers exactly on what it wanted to, and that is level design. Even Stealth had some issues with the spike timing in Marble Zone Act 3, and I did as well but not so badly,... View Full Review
  10. AWeirdSonicFan
    You guys nailed it! Keep Up the good work! View Full Review
  11. GuilhermeBMotta
    "Surprisingly creative"
    This game is overall creative, honest and heartfelt. Hyper has some interesting abilities that I think could end up benefitting for more difficult boss fights, or at least more health. Gimmicks also work, but there is a lack of them in the... View Full Review
  12. JHumBL3
    "Absolutely perfect nostalgia!"
    Love love love what had been created! Would it at all be possible to pay this game/demo on a Nintendo Switch possibly thru a SEGA emulator? That would be bliss. Keep up the amazing work! View Full Review
  13. Zeki-Blue
  14. AortaPlatinum
    "Cool idea. Wish it worked."
    Alright so I'm gonna assume this is my craptop and has something to do with the game only taking inputs on frames shown on-screen or some nerd shit, but holding the jump button on the board as I'm going down does jack shit, it's impossible to... View Full Review
  15. Kaiser Zero
    "After Update 2"
    After the update came out for this this game is incredibly smooth and fun to play and i am probably going to spend hours s ranking every song. my only gripe would be that the sprites look bad at a higher resolution or when i am playing full screen View Full Review
  16. LilShootDawg
    "(Video in the full review!) It was okay."
    [MEDIA] This had an okay idea. The collision isn't that great, Knuckles was in a wall, I fell through a bridge. It doesn't support controllers well. I didn't finish it because of me falling through a bridge. I just don't personally like the... View Full Review
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  17. Jobitz
    "this games actually pretty good"
    This game is pretty good though i wanna add a couple suggestions 1. fix the slot machine it is way to hard 2.Mario should a attack while he is running like a spin or something 3.shadow should have a boost 4.add a trick system like in sonic... View Full Review
  18. Detrimental
    "Excellent Physics."
    I'm a huge fan of the physics system, right down to the subtle feeling of weight sonic has. You can turn sharp if you want to, but you may lose speed if you're not careful. In my opinion, this feeling of sharp control mixed with a sense of... View Full Review