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New Profile Posts

  1. Zenron
  2. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    New Hyper's Quest DX update coming this Holiday season!
  3. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    The next Hyper's Quest 2 release is still happening, but not yet. You'll hear more from the project in about a few months.
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  4. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    This year's SAGE was a blast! Had a lotta fun playing through your games, guys!
  5. CraftyJ
    CraftyJ HyperSonic Fan
    yo random topic, it seemed like people used to blindly hate Hyper's Quest 2, like they would insult you as a person and hardly mention how to actually fix the game. but with the new demo (the best one ever) it seems like people are actually giving fair, good reviews so that's pretty awesome
  6. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Quick update: PLEEEASE read the readme file before playing Hyper's Quest 2. It's important.
  7. KevinLazique
    KevinLazique Great Lange
    Just here to tell you that Kev on discord is me so don't worry I learned my lesson.
  8. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan Great Lange
    Hey Lange, something's up with my entry.

    The thumbnail for my entry on the official SAGE homepage is all grayed out, and I'd like to know why as well as if this is permanent. Is it normal? Because it's not like that for any of the other entries.
  9. Speed Shoes
    Speed Shoes Great Lange
    How do I collab on other fangames?
  10. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Just a few more weeks now, and the epic interdimensional battle begins! The clock. Is. Ticking.
  11. Adam Kareem
    Adam Kareem Great Lange
  12. Adam Kareem
    Adam Kareem Sonic Fan Games HQ
  13. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    What stage are you guys looking forward to playing in the upcoming HQ2 demo? (Of course, these are limited to levels already announced)
    1. PM13
      E) All of the above.
      Jul 10, 2018
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  14. AltyTimes
    *plays Sonic Forces - Double Boost track*
  15. Zenron
    IMM BACK< please help I want friends and im bored
    1. Valeev
      Have you heard about SFGHQ Discord server? *shilling intensifies*
      Jul 9, 2018
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  16. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    *insert Forces joke here*
  17. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan Great Lange
    What's a good way to advertise a fangame?
  18. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Quickshot abducted the fandom and threatens to destroy it if Sonic doesn't show up! But why's Hyper involved? Find out in just 3 more weeks!
  19. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan
    Skadoosh Zone's boss got buffed up for this year's SAGE Expo. Brace yourselves; it's gonna be a tough stage.
  20. HyperSonic Fan
    HyperSonic Fan Great Lange
    Quick question: on Sonic Retro, no matter what I do, it won't let, anything. I followed the steps to become a member, but nothing happened. What do I do?
    1. Kono Mike da
      Kono Mike da
      I think I can answer that!
      After you write your validation thingamabob, you just have to wait for a while. Then you’ll be given 20 “trial member” posts.
      I had to wait for about three days, I think.
      Jun 19, 2018
    2. HyperSonic Fan
      HyperSonic Fan
      But where do I write that thingamabob?
      Jun 20, 2018
    3. HyperSonic Fan
      HyperSonic Fan
      K, so it turns out, I made a validation post in February. But it's been FOUR months since then.
      Jun 20, 2018