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New Showcase Comments

  1. WhiskerMidi
    I decided to sit down and actually beat this one. As clunky as it is, the level design has some good aspects. I like the way fast areas transition into the more slow, methodical ones by launching you up a ramp. Sometimes there's a bottomless pit...
  2. WhiskerMidi
    This plays really well, especially for a GameMaker game. That said, it didn't like my controller. In Xinput the joystick moved me, but no other button did anything. In dinput, everything was bound to the X button. I can tell from earlier comments...
  3. Ristar
    I played the hack, It was nice, Just one thing, I keep dieing alot, Can you please fix this?
  4. hypersuperlol
  5. ScratchFan2016
  6. Degostorm22
    This Is The Best Fangame Of The World