Submission Guidelines

  • Making use of Sonic Fan Games HQ’s Showcase is mandatory. If you haven’t prepared a booth for your game entry, it will not be accepted to SAGE.​
  • Please do not send your entry to the SAGE email.​
  • All entries with less than 500MB must be uploaded directly to the site.​
  • Each game entry must contain an image in square format (1:1) of, at least, 500x500 for the SAGE website. This does not have to be the same as your submission's cover, just needs to be attached to the gallery.​
  • All game entries must be submitted by August 8th 2021, 11:59 PM PDT.​
  • Entries can be updated after registration and even during the event.​
  • ROM Hacks and Mods are allowed, given they have considerable changes from its source. Level ports have to be significantly changed from its source material or they won’t be accepted. Character swaps and so on, as technically impressive as they may be, won’t be accepted.​
  • Modifications made to the RSDK Sonic games (Sonic 1, 2, CD and Mania) are only allowed to include the necessary files needed to let the mod run. Full Data folders containing the base game assets and material won't be accepted. In the case of EXE mods, they may use base files if they are crucial in making the executable operate properly.​
  • If you have multiple game projects to submit, please follow the submission guidelines for each project and submit them separately.​
  • Frameworks/Engines are welcome but must follow the same guidelines as stated above.​
  • Entries from users currently banned from SFGHQ won’t be accepted.​

Submission Regulations

  • Minimum Content
Your submission needs a minimum amount of effort and substantial content. This is by no means strict. What this means is we’re trying to avoid submissions in which a fan game engine’s built-in test level was exported with only minor tweaks, or is just an empty scene with a Sonic model in it, or similar cases is not an acceptable entry.​
  • Not a Contest
SAGE isn’t, and has never, been a contest. This means we don’t rate, judge, or award games. Do not worry about how “good” you think your submission is; all we’re looking for is a little effort and something unique to share. SAGE is not a contest, it’s a place for people of all skill levels to show off what they’ve learned, get feedback for improvement and for us to all have fun with the cool things we all create for each other. Bullying of people with legitimate submissions because they’re “not as good” is not an acceptable behavior at SAGE.​
  • Submission Accessibility
While we do ask you to host your project on SFGHQ this year, if for some reason you must choose an alternative hosting method (perhaps due to file size) or have your personal website featured in the event, you must make your submission easily accessible. We will not host submissions that require excessive, arbitrary or unusual limitations to access, unless there is a very justifiable reason.​
  • Do Not Hold Your Submission Hostage
For example, do not host your submission on a forum which requires signing up for an account, or require people to join your Discord server, or force them to use an external download manager application, or built in “DRM” that makes the content difficult to access or remotely controlled. You’re submitting your game to SAGE for people to access and enjoy first and foremost, not to farm stats by holding your content hostage or to attach strings to people. You are however welcome to promote yourself, your Discord server or whatever you like with your submission, as long as it is reasonable and not restricting anything.​
  • Your Game Should be a Game
No spooky stuff! If it does anything else other than being a game, such as secret data collection, any form of “remote control”, requires online checks for non-online content, observes or interacts with system processes for non-gameplay purposes or any of that sort of nonsense, it is not considered acceptable at SAGE. This is a place for people to share things they created in a friendly, safe environment, not spooky things that make someone wonder if playing your game is going to get them hacked or do something crazy. Obviously, actual malicious software or anything of that sort is a severe no-no and will be dealt with harshly.​
  • Your Demo Must Be Free of Charge
If you’re making an indie project with the intention of selling it or has already released said game and would like to use SAGE to promote it, please make sure you have a free demo for people to experience it during the event that’s easy to find. Be it on the Steam page for your project or using SFGHQ’s Showcase system.​
  • Please Make English The Primary Language for your Booth
While we welcome everyone from across the globe to participate in the event, the SAGE audience primarily speaks English. Entries and booths in entirely different languages can be difficult to navigate, and as a result, we ask that your submission, as well as your booth page, are primarily in English. You are more than welcome to have multiple languages in your booth and entry so long as English is one of them and preferably the first one!​
  • A note on Patreons and Donations for Fan Games
Please note that we will not accept any fan games that are accepting any donations of any kind towards their project, even if the game itself is free. This absolutely includes any sort of Patreon (or related sites) linked to the project or the creators/team behind it, as well as with pages asking for donations. SEGA has been kind enough to allow us to run SAGE for all these years without issue, but fan games should always be about learning and passion, not for profit. This rule does not apply to indie or original titles submitted to SAGE as long as they have free demos available.​

Booth Guide:
If you're unsure on how to submit to SAGE or how to make your booth, please check out the SAGE '21 Booth Guide in the following link:​
SAGE '21 - Booth Guide

SAGE '21 - Booth Guide

SAGE '21 has officially been announced earlier this month and the guidelines & deadlines have also been recently published. Much like last year's SAGE this year demands the usage of the Showcase System for submitting your projects. For returning members we all know how much of a cake walk that...

The Trailer:

Like in previous years we will be creating a SAGE trailer with some of the games that will show up this year! If you’d like to have your submission be a part of this trailer, please send us an email with your footage to: [email protected] with the following:​
  • Game’s footage, up to 15 seconds in length.​
  • Name of your game on the email's subject.​
  • 1920x1080 (HD) resolution.​
  • .MP4 format.​
  • 60FPS (Recommended)
For the e-mail, please try your best to follow these requirements, this ensures we don’t leave anyone behind:​
  • Please name your file with the same name of the game you’re submitting to SAGE.​
For example: “SONICLEGENDSTRAILER.mp4” or “Sonic_Legends.mp4” are much better names than “SAGEtrailer.mp4”. This makes sure we don’t accidentally misplace or miss out on anyone’s footage.​
  • Add some text to the body of your e-mail, even if a simple: “hey there, this is my teaser for the upcoming SAGE trailer, thanks!”, this ensures the email you’re sending is not flagged as spam for us.​
We made a short "do and don’t" video that can be viewed by clicking HERE. It will give you a good idea of what we’d prefer when you are gathering footage for your trailer submission. (It is not a requirement to follow what we’re asking from this video.)​

The deadline for the trailer submissions is July 18th 11:59 PM PDT. Trailer submissions made after this date will not be accepted.​

Streaming Guidelines

  • To reserve your time for streaming, please send an email to [email protected] with your name and with “Stream” in the subject.​
  • Each stream entry must have the following:
    • The name of your stream.​
    • The time at which you would like to broadcast your stream in PDT.​
    • (Optional) Your availability during SAGE week.​
    • What content your stream will involve.​
    • A link to your current stream page (Youtube, Twitch, etc.).​
  • We will do our best to work with and around everyone’s schedules. Keep in mind we will have plans in the beginning and end of SAGE, but the rest of the slots will go quick. Make sure to reserve your streaming slot as soon as possible!​
  • Unless you have a very specific reason for your stream to be longer, please try to keep slot reservations in the 2-3 hour range, though this is a loose restriction that is much more lax during the less active hours of the event (Late hours).​
  • Streams targeted at English-speaking audiences will take priority in our time slots.​


Q: Why does my entry show as not approved yet?
A: Entries will only be approved once the event begins on August 21st. Before that time, all entries will remain hidden from public view. If for whatever reason we can’t accept your submission, we will contact you privately.​

Q: If the event starts on August 21st, why is the deadline on the 8th?
A: All SAGE submissions get reviewed before SAGE begins by our staff. This is to ensure there are no viruses or any malicious software included within files and that all games can be loaded up and are fully functional. We need some time to do that.​

Q: My submission won’t be done by the 8th, what do I do?
A: All we require by the deadline is some form of playable content, as unfinished as it may be, just to make sure your game is your game and also to give you time to fix whatever problems we may find with it. You can still keep updating your booth and your submission until the event begins.​

Q: How can I get in touch with the SAGE Staff?
A: You can hit us up in SFGHQ’s Discord, or send a private message to P3DR0 (LiT#1460).​

Q: Can I create my Submission’s Booth before August 8th?
A: Yes you can and you probably should. Just make sure you have something playable up there by the deadline. Entries without playable content will be dismissed at the staff’s discretion.​

Q: Can I submit previously made teasers/trailers for the SAGE 2021 Trailer?
A: Yes you can. However, do expect it to get cut down or have less time focused on it depending on how it’s made or if it has been featured before in a previous SAGE trailer.​
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