Ahoy there!​
With SAGE time just around the corner, for this year we decided to give developers, streamers and journalists a few resources so they can spice up their articles, videos and games with SAGE stuff. Here's where you can find 'em, and how to download 'em:​

Logo Media Kit:


This year we have high-quality versions of our logo, as well as some very cool variations, so you can use it in whatever and won't have to awkwardly crop 'em from our official stuff.
Media Kit Download

Splash Screens:

We now have custom SAGE 20th Splash Screens for you to spice up your projects with (entirely optional, btw).
Pixel art versions (by @TheStoneBanana and @Deebits) come with support for Clickteam Fusion 2.5, Game Maker Studio 2 and Sonic Mania. Apart from those, there's also a GIF version which you can use for different game engines.
HD version (by @Cinossu and @RummySM) are 1080p video files which you can use however you want, great alternative for HD games and Youtube videos. We have also included a transparent .mov version if you'd like to stylize it/make a different background for it or whaver).

That's it for now! If you have any questions, suggestions, let us know in the comments!